reading log february 2020

Reading Log: February 2020 (Slow and Steady …)

So, a bit late considering the fact that we’re well into March. However, not as late as my reading log for January which I posted last week, I must say. Nonetheless, here is my reading log for February 2020. It’s been a somewhat slow month reading wise. I am constantly trying to push in more reading every day, which it is quite essential if I am to reach my goal of completing the ultimate reading challenge I’ve set myself.

Review: Arabia Felix by Thorkild Hansen

Like being thrown from above and straight into the boat in which we find ourselves some 250 years ago, we are introduced to our five protagonists of Arabia Felix by Thorkild Hansen. This is the story of the first European scientific expedition to the Middle East, an unknown part of the world (to Europeans, at least) spanning from 1761 to 1767.


Reading Log: January 2020 (Off To A Great Start!)

This is the first post of a series (you might call it) of monthly posts listing the books I read during the month in question. So, this is my (belated) reading log for January 2020. And I dare say, I’m off to a surprisingly (in my own opinion) great start! I actually managed to finish every book from my book haul in December. Amongst other, that is.

Book haul of December 2019

Book Haul: December 2019

This is my book haul of December 2019. Even though Christmas is right around the corner, there is never a bad excuse for buying books. I have begun to stock up on my first months of reading for 2020. With all books in my December book haul being on the BBC Big Read list, I am ready to start my ultimate reading challenge.

cover of the eye of the world by robert jordan

Review: The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan (1:14)

The Eye of the World takes place in an unnamed world where time is a cyclical concept, described as a turning wheel. Everything that has happened and does happen will happen again.
This is the premise of Robert Jordan’s first of many installments in fantasy series The Wheel of Time. Are you into The Lord of the Rings, this is a series I can definitely recommend!

the passage trilogy by justin cronin

Review: The Passage Trilogy by Justin Cronin

Earth is different from how we know it. It is in distress, and natural disasters have wrecked havoc and made several locations inhabitable and impassable. In this devastated world, a little girl is born, a girl who would eventually become the Girl from Nowhere, the One Who Walked In, the First and Last and Only, who lived a thousand years. But before she became all that, she was just a little girl, named Amy.
So it begins, the epic Passage Trilogy by American author Justin Cronin. And from the first point, it never stops.