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With the end of 2019 quickly approaching, I have found myself in need of a more structured approach to reading. That is, being able to read the amount of books I want to. And what better way to do this than challenging myself with the ultimate reading challenge?

In the recent years, I’ve told myself to read at least one book a month. But telling oneself to do something is not always enough. And wanting to read a wide range of genres makes it all the harder to decide which books to choose. So naturally, the agreement between me and myself has basically seeped out into the sand almost every year.

Finally, I’ve found two great reading lists accommodating almost all kinds of genres. And I’ve cooked up the ultimate reading challenge for the coming lustrum (which is a period of five years, should you not know your Ancient Roman time measurements).

The Ultimate Reading Challenge

The first list is the BBC Big Read. It is a list consisting of 100 titles voted as the most beloved books by the British Nation in 2003. Some might call it a bit outdated, but all the great classics are included, and they will most likely never go out of fashion. Besides the classics, the list also includes titles treating genres of fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction. You can read my thoughts and progress on the list here.

The second list is a bit more opinionated and subjective. It is the top recommended books by successful American entrepreneur and book lover, Tai Lopez. In my opinion, Tai is a very inspiring man with lots of insight and wise words, and he strongly advocates that people read more. He himself reads a book a day, and has made a list of his 195 top book recommendations. They are primarily non-fiction titles ranging from psychology and sport biographies to business and investing strategies.

I’ve chosen to start with the top 100 of his recommendations to read in conjunction with the BBC Big Read. Right here, you can see the list of the 100 titles I aim to finish by the end of 2024 and my ongoing progress.

The Plan And The End Goal

Two lists consisting of 100 books each give 40 books a year. This results in an average amount of almost three and a half books a month. And I know that this is quite a jump from the previous one book a month, I’ve tried to aim for in the last couple of years. But I am certain that having a set deadline and a predefined goal will definitely make it possible to accomplish.

Now you might ask: Why do you want to force yourself to read 200 books in five years?

That’s a great question! I am doing it mainly for the following two reasons:

  1. Establishing a more solid habit of regular daily reading
  2. Expanding my literary horizon

With a certain amount of books to be read each month, and an audience (or perhaps myself even more so) to be accountable to by documenting my progress, I will most definitely achieve the two above-mentioned end goals.

And with the birth of this blog and the beginning of a new lustrum just at hand, what better time could there possibly be to set in motion such an ambitious reading plan?

Are You Up For It?

Are you ready to take on the ultimate reading challenge starting in 2020? You still have the better part of a month to stock up on the first couple of books on either list and finish your ongoing reads by year’s end (I know, I will). That way, you’ll be ready to spend 1st January curled up in bed with the first of 200 of the best and most beloved books in history.

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 Image by Rachel Lees on Unsplash.

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