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I just love books! I love the way they look on the shelves, the way they smell when brand new from the press. I genuinely enjoy scouting through the local bookshop, flipping through the bestsellers in the front rows, but also treasure hunting for the hidden gems in the back.

But most of all, I love reading them.

And I want the same for you. That is my goal and my mission with this book blog – I want you to become just as big a book fanatic as I am. Because reading is the best. And if you don’t already think so, I’m going to show you why.

But first of all…

Welcome To The Blog

Welcome to Literature & Stuff, a blog on books and other literary matters! And more specifically, welcome to the first installment on the blog. How very nerve-racking to finally launch what has been going around in one’s mind for the better part of two months. Exciting, yes, but nonetheless still nerve-racking.

The idea of starting a blog has actually been smouldering within me for some time. But it’s never been more than just an idea.

And then, on a probably rainy day in September (it has rained a lot in Denmark this year!), I thought to myself: It’s time. The decision to start a book blog came rather instinctively, as I’ve always been a keen reader and it only took me a look at my bookcase to convince me definitively.

So here we are.

And I couldn’t think of anyone better to be reading it than you. So thank you!

The Man Behind The Curtain Book Blog

Before diving into the specifics of the content of Literature & Stuff, allow me to introduce myself. Briefly, though (read my full bio right here).

I’m Christian, a twenty-something year old Dane (Vikings, y’all) always looking for something new to read – all in all a good old bookworm. And I’ve been so for several years.

From the tentative beginnings of my literary journey as a 3rd grader receiving the first books in the Harry Potter series to the now regular visits to the local bookshops of my city searching for books I never thought I would ever read, I keep being taken aback by the literary experiences and stories still out there, ready to be discovered.

And now you might be thinking: Oh my god, who the hell cares. You’re absolutely right, I’m not that interesting. But the content which I will be posting definitely is! So let’s move on to that.

Quick side note: If you for some reason are interested in my story and person, head to this page for my full bio.

Why Should You Bother?

Yeah, why should you, really? I’m gonna tell you why!

Literature & Stuff will give you a wide array of different types of bookish blog posts on a regular basis with 1-2 posts a week. They will mainly be about one of three main topics: books, comics and other literary matters (what I has denoted as Stuff). Below is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of content that you will be able to devour:

  • Books: Posts on reading and books, in general; book reviews and recommendations; reading lists; bookshop visits
  • Comic books: Comic book reviews; guides to reading comics; the Marvel universe
  • Stuff: Loads of other things, all with a literary touch

Now, you might be thinking. I don’t want to read about comic books, I’m only interested in which bookshops that are worth visiting.

Guess what. It’s all up to you, what you want to read. If you don’t want to read the regular comic book review, skip it. You won’t be hearing anything from me. You will definitely be missing out, but you won’t hear anything for it. It’s all your call!

I am a book aficionado and a hard-core comic book fan, and both things are something you read. So both things have obviously found their way onto the blog, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be sharing my thoughts and opinions on all of these literary matters with you!

Summa Summarum

So why should you read this book blog? Let me answer this by asking a couple of simple questions:

Do you have a way too long TBR list because you just can’t get enough?
Do your fingers tingle when you enter a bookshop?
Are you thinking about what your next reading experience should be?
Or do you (like me) just love reading?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘Hell yeah’ (or even a ‘Hmm, I guess so…’ is also fine by me), this is the place for you!

My final words for now will probably be the most important ones.

As much as this is a place of books and literary tidbits, it’s just as much a place of conversation, open discussion and engagement. So get typing and get in touch on or using this form. Whatever you feel about the posts, specific books or just literature, in general, I would love to hear from you!

For a start, why don’t you tell me your thoughts on this first post of mine? What do you want from this blog? Any special requests – or advice?

Also, join my newsletter for your weekly fix of books and other literary matters.

Don’t miss out on all the fun! And stay tuned for the upcoming posts in the week to come, they will definitely be worth your time.



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